Healing in the Eyes of An Other

bigstock-Surreal-Cubist-Eyes-And-Faces-7736887_resizeDr. Jeanette Rodriguez and I wrote this paper several years ago as we were endeavoring to present a talk about the psycho-spiritual aspects becoming a human being.

As experienced psychotherapists who have collectively led hundreds of workshops over the past 25 years, we can assure you, based on our personal and professional experience coupled with extensive observation of client participation, that 1). We ultimately heal in the eyes of an other, which is to say, within the context of our shared experience as human beings. 2).Without exception, remarkable compassion is extended when a vulnerable aspect (part or role) is presented within the context of his/her story.

For a moment, the observer is granted the grace of compassion to walk in another person’s shoes and in so doing extends that compassion to the protagonist (the one presenting). By reversing roles with that person given his/her particular situation, even if we disagree with their ultimate choice, as witnesses, we come to understand their viewpoint. We are, after all, a collective humanity.

Yet, without shared stories, our unacknowledged roles/masks go before us, oftentimes repelling one another in the form of finger pointing, masquerading as justifiable blame, judgments, competition, aggression or various abuses. Or like things that go bump in the night, our parts continue to scare us, disguised as anxiety, depression, conformity, rebellion, and various addictions. Our self-system will go to extraordinary lengths to protect its perceived vulnerabilities resulting in still more separation and rigidly designed masks. It seems that we have to be right at any cost. To be continued…..


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