Which Mask Should One Wear?

bigstock-Surreal-Cubist-Eyes-And-Faces-7736887 (1)We are told to be strong, to keep a stiff upper lip to grieve a loss for a prescribed amount of time, to keep our problems to ourselves, to put on a happy face while simultaneously being told to be open and authentic.

With the myriad of mixed messages about how one should be, which mask one should wear on any given day, it is indeed nothing short of heroic that more of us are not psychotic.

As a result of our genetic makeup, our innate temperament, brain chemistry, i.e. attractors, parental and societal influences, there is much about the construction of our humanness that is beyond our control.

Often times we act and react from any one of these unconscious influences, leaving us baffled even appalled by our actions. We chastise ourselves, vowing to change our behavior, only to repeat the cycle.

On the one hand we have little to do with our overall makeup. We are a unique collage, a result of unwittingly pasted bits and pieces of our primary care givers and culture norms. On the other hand, regardless of how we became who we presently are, we are nonetheless responsible for our reactions and behaviors.

We are 100% responsible for conscious ownership of our behavior even if we do not understand the source from whence it stems. This blog, The Faces we live, offers a means by which to facilitate the process of awareness.

It’s about waking up, becoming conscious and owning our behavior and realizing how our collective unconsciousness contributes to the whole of humankind.

“If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating fundamentally the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction.” [iv]

What insights would we glean if we were to explore this slice of reality: in other words, how we think about the self and explore the many-sidedness of the individual personality?

Perhaps in unraveling our own stories we may uncover new venues of hope, freedom and justice.

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