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Storyteller gourd art

When Jeanette and I first saw the Storyteller Gourd while attending a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico we knew it was the perfect image to depict the vast internal family or parts that make up each and every human being. The following Blog Series will incorporate excerpts from our unpublished book entitled THE STORY TELLERWITHIN: with FASTFEET and LITTLE FINGERS .

In the last decade there is confirmation of a movement toward understanding and appreciating cultural and epistemological diversity. This movement and appreciation for diversity is increasing in our educational, health, and religious institutions. Ecologically we are becoming aware of the necessity to understand and protect bio/ecological diversity. Have we researchers, however, spent enough time reflecting on the diversity of the human being itself, psychically, intrapsychically and interpersonally? This diversity lends itself not only to a multiplicity of being and of relating, but also is a fertile source of creativity and insight.


“I don’t know what got into me”



There is no such thing as a single human being, pure and simple, unmixed with other human beings. Personality is a world in himself, a company of many. That self … is a composite structure … formed out of countless, never-ending influences and exchanges between others and ourselves. These other persons are in fact, therefore, part of ourselves … we are members of one another.” Dr. Joan Riviere

Have you ever had the experience of doing or saying something then found yourself saying, “I don’t know what got into me?”
Most everyone I know has answered this question in the affirmative. This kind of common experiences is precisely what this blog site, The Faces We Live, is about.
We humans are not made up of one singular self, but many selves, which change according to the person and/or circumstances which they face.