It’s not your fault

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It’s not your fault


The single most important words a victim of abuse needs to hear is: IT”S NOT YOUR FUALT!


“You couldn’t have done anything differently to make them love you and not hurt you. You adapted your own behavior to do what you needed to do at the time as a child to keep yourself safe. We were made to feel like it was our fault.


We are left with a whole bunch of feelings and emotions which actually belong to the abuser. Abuse is all about the abuser. All of the feelings of guilt and responsibility belong to the abuser, not to us survivors. It wasn’t our fault.


Child abuse is never the fault of the child. Adults are physically stronger than children. Adults know what’s right and what’s wrong. Adults know that it’s wrong to abuse. Adults who abuse children know that what they are doing is wrong and they still choose to do it. They use manipulation to ensure that the abuse can happen.”



It’s not your fault




Printed (in part) from: NAPAC website

“It can be overwhelming for people who are only just finding out about abuse that has taken place. You have known about it for years but for them it may come as a complete shock. You could direct them to the supporters’ section of the NAPAC website which is being developed all the time.”




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