The Development of “self” as Multidimensional


From the beginning of my blog, The Faces We Live, using everyday language and the Internal Family System Model, I have attempted to demonstrate that a “self” and/or our minds are multidimensional. Ten years ago, together with Jeanette Rodriguez, Professor of Theology at Seattle University, we collected large amounts of research from various resources such as sociology, psychology, culture, religions  and neuroscience that normalizes and affirms the human person as a multifaceted, pluralistic and relational self.

The esteemed Psychologist Robert Ornstein’s wide-ranging and multidisciplinary work has won him awards from more than a dozen organizations, including the American Psychological Association and UNESCO. His pioneering research on the bilateral specialization of the brain has done much to advance our understanding of how we think.

“We learn that we are adaptive, not rational, and that Darwin — not Freud — is the central scientist of the modern mind. Our minds, like all else on the Earth, evolved to help us survive in our environment — to get food, avoid danger, and find the right mate — not to reason why. This adaptive mind, which tries to make sense of the world, uses the same process at all times, whether it is dreaming at night, recollecting our childhoods, or imagining a new home. Dreams and memories are illusions, constructs made in much the same way anthropologists construct whole beasts from a bone or two.” Robert Ornstein.

And Ornstein explodes the myth of the “self.” We think our conscious mind, “the self,” is in control, but in fact it is a small isolated part of the mind, sometimes called into play by consciousness, most often on the sidelines. We have many minds that shift into place, and “we” are not the same person from moment to moment, not the same “self” at all.

The Evolution of Consciousness offers a challenging new perspective. The world we adapted to is gone and we need to do nothing less than adapt anew. A tribal mind has no place in a global world.

Here is science as narrative. Full of wonderful examples, stories, and passion — and illustrated throughout — The Evolution of Consciousness is a major achievement.


The Evolution of Consciousness of Darwin, Freud, and Cranial Fire — The Origins of the Way We Think by Robert Ornstein Hardback and Paperback. Available in English, German, Spanish and Swedish.





Cultural Memory: Resistance, Faith, and Identity Jeanette Rodriguez (Author), Ted Fortier (Author)
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