Ragdoll Redeemed:Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe Chapter 1 cont

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Remembering how bonded my grandmother and I felt, ensnared as we both  were in the tentacles  of my mother’s sense of entitlement, I often wonder if my eventual marriage at seventeen to Joe DiMaggio’s son wasn’t a sort of sacrificial offering to my grandmother in exchange for abandoning  her. Mind you, this wasn’t a conscious thought at the time. I mean, at seventeen I would have done anything  to escape my mother’s clutches except cause my precious  grandmother pain. I was fiercely protective  of her. After all, she was the woman who mothered me—who cared whether  I lived or died—from  the day I was born.  I could not fathom facing life without the comfort of her watchful eyes, even if she was without the fortitude or clout to intervene directly in the various abuses other  adults—my  mother  included—heaped  on me. I recall years of childhood  prayers, begging and bargaining with God to allow her  to  live until  I was old  enough  to  escape.  Maybe  I really thought that other than introducing my grandmother to Jesus himself, the best thing  I could do in exchange for leaving her alone with my mother was to marry Joe DiMaggio’s son. After all, for the whole of her life, no one ever loved the Yankees more than my grandmother.

But before  that,  Hiroshima, Nagasaki,  and my childhood  had to happen. And I had to grow through a childhood  of dumpsters,  ragged dolls, and fear. (P.g. 5) To be continued……….

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Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe Chapter 1 continued
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