Foreword to my book (Ragdoll Redeemed) written by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D (Part 2)

Dawn has inspired all of us in the group with her poetic and visceral writing and her tenacity—not only to have lived her story, which is amazing in itself, but to have written her stories over and over again, despite having dyslexia and no background in writing. She not only mastered tenses, she took us deep into the soul of a little girl and young woman who had a unique vision of how life can and should be lived. Her journey goes from a house with no paint to mansions in Hollywood, from being a lost child to finding herself, healing the past, and being able to teach and heal others in her chosen profession.

I am honored to have been with Dawn during her journey, and to have been one of the first readers of her story. At times it was heartbreaking to read her truths, but they were always told with utmost honesty. It was spiritually uplifting to see those brokenhearted pieces and witness the ways her story mirrors a universal struggle: the quest to find a life that goes beyond the sorrow of the past. Her unique story is at the same time like my story and yours—a story of courage. Just as her grandmother repaired the dolls that Dawn rescued from a dumpster, Dawn began her path of self-reclamation. From her story, you will learn how little girls survive abuse and loss, and how a young woman can remake herself into a whole person.

I urge you all to read Dawn’s story and learn about her inspiring journey to heal and become whole. Through the story of her life, Dawn offers compassion and forgiveness, and finds her inner compass. —Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., author of The Power of Memoir and Don’t Call Me Mother; President, National Association of Memoir Writers

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Foreword to my book (Ragdoll Redeemed) written by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D
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