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Sparkles Won’t Bring Back Her Laugh

Death! Death! Death! My daughter died of a cocaine overdose on February 18, 2012. My sister died of cancer on June 18, 2012. I miss them both and find myself talking to them as if they were still here, or wanting to buy something for them that I think they might enjoy. Usually, it’s jewelry for my daughter and Bonsai plants for my sister.


Bastard Child Un-witnessed (Part VI)


She was my sister, but as the un-witnessed child, I didn’t have the right to call, inquire, reach out, or console. I didn’t realize that the need to comfort could be as aching as the need to be comforted. Beyond these feelings, I think about the four generations of women, entangled within a web of secrecy like old tattered rags stuffed into satchels and forgotten among the attic’s treasures.


Bastar Child Un-witnessed Part V

Part five of a six part series that I wrote this past Fathers Day as my sister’s death neared. She died the next day.

When I found my sister, Nan, sixteen years ago, I responded to her first loving letter welcoming me into her heart with deep gratitude. Now, unwilling to involve anyone else in our,”undisclosed family connection”, I proceed with caution as I try and tender my goodbye’s at her impending death.