Wingless Angels: Six More

If the success of my life could be measured by these winglessangels who accompany me on my life’s journey, I would be considered the richest of the rich. Here are six more wingless angels that currently support and/or inspire me on a weekly or monthly bases, unless of course, one of us are off on an adventure.

I began this series on angels by talking about my beloved grandmother, affirming that the people with whom we bond as children become the internal working models that influence the formation of attachment in later relationships.

Marjorie: A Nurse, Mental health specialist, Reiki master and retired Jazz singer, she has it going on. For twenty-five years, my strength giver and comforter personified this poem: “Who, if I cried, would hear me among the angelic orders?” Rainer Marie Rilke

Words like “lean-to” and “safe base” come to mind when thinking of my beloved Marjorie. Returning from every out of town journey, I call my long time friend because re-connecting with her seems to re-calibrate my insides. She is my safe base, always reminding me how far I have come and how far I am going.

Several years ago, like solders engaged in battle, leaving at 5:00 AM every Wednesday for a year, we made the two hour drive in order to attend a 7:30 AM group therapy session. It didn’t seem to matter at times if the giant arms of the windmills in our minds were our own or the others, because, by God,we had waged war against the demons of our childhood memories and we would fight them to their death regardless of in whose mind they appeared.

Since we were still little Catholic girls in grown-up bodies, we spoke endlessly about how our own spiritual beliefs had changed over years. If we hadn’t been reformed smokers, we would have shared cigarettes beneath another Jesus, Mary and Joseph statue just as I had with my grandmother so longago.

She traveled with me for all seven re-takes of my California clinical social work exam. Always by my side, we prayed my mother into her next life’s journey after a long bout with cancer. And, like a guardian angel, she sat by my side through every one of my own cancer treatments.

Cheryl: Cheryl and I are therapists by profession, which means maintaining a mutual trust in the secretsthat indelibly bind us. For twenty-five years, we have laughed like fools without a lick of sense over our mistakes as therapists, our mothering’s and just about every imaginable life situation. My friend Cheryl brings out a side of humor in me that I have grown to cherish.

The dictionary defines black humor as, “A form of humor that regards human suffering as absurd rather than pitiable, or that considers human existence as ironic and pointless but somehow comic.” Just hearing her voice over the phone turns the most difficult and pathetic of my personal situations into a comic relief. God defiantly has a sense of humor and sends his angel Cheryl to help me roar with laughter at life’s absurdities. Her wings may be a bit askew, but she is an angel nonetheless.

Susan: An interior decorator by profession, she’s a redheaded beauty that makes everything she touches more beautiful. She tastefully drapes herself in colorful sparkles and bangles that delight the eye. She delivers all presents, which she gives abundantly, in the same fashion. We shop, laugh, share secrets and sometimes weep together. Even though she and her husband meet us for dinner each week, they flew across the United States, where we were vacationing at the time, to surprise and help celebrate my husband’s 80th birthday party. Angels for sure.

Betsy: My racquetball partner spends six months of the year panning for gold along the river bed North of Nome, Alaska on her family-owned property. Living without running water or electricity, my five foot three, blue eyed, fair skinned friend has participated in this ritual her entire life. I refer to this as a ritual because surely it is the beauty and isolation of the wilderness that has molded her into the gentlest spirit I have ever met. Every year it seems a new wolf befriends her, sometimes sleeping on her front porch. I laugh every time I think of her mending the tractor that she uses to drudge the river for gold nuggets.

Raised in the wilderness, her spirit longs for the quiet that only the river, the howling of the wolves, and solitude can bring. One time over lunch with Betsy and her beloved husband, I asked incredulously,

Me: “How do you eat?”

Betsy: “I grow 11 kinds of lettuce
and I kill

my dinner each night.”

Me: “What, with what?”

Betsy: “A 357 Magnum.”

Me: “Oh I see,” I said as if I knew anything about guns or
what she

was talking about.

Betsy and I have never had a single conversation about the  presence of God or shared our spiritual beliefs, yet being with her is like basking in a sacred presence. And, racquetball rocks at 5:00 in the morning while most people slumber. I know for sure that she has never considered herself an angel. I have a hunch that angels are like that, humble to the core.

Dorothea: Nurse, Psychotherapist and Pioneer of Energy Psychology says in one of her nine books, Second Chance at your Dream, “We can dance into our aliveness while we are on our way to the unknown next stage of life.”

While we live but ten miles apart, Dorothea danced her way into my heart four years ago at a conference in Orlando, Florida. As she was being introduced to me, I felt like I was basking in the presence of a bright shining light. As if by second nature, she reframes every negative word out of one’s month into a positive life choice. She twinkles with the light of a celestial angel. What a blessing to have her in my life.

Robin: At five foot seven, long strawberry blonde hair, and eyes the color of a light blue gem stone, no one would ever imagine that she was once a welder, much less, that she tosses her steel tip shoes over her shoulder with the ease of a pro, to check out yet another oil rig as an Offshore Oil & Gas Project Manager.

When asked how she got into this profession, she shrugs her shoulders and says, “I was my father’s son.” When she is home from her arduous job, we walk together several times a week and share all things girly. While I am just plain vain, Robin has simply never met anything sparkly that she didn’t love. I am convinced that God put her into my life to add fun, laughter and all things pink. Well, lately it’s been purple glitter nail polish. An angel unaware if I ever met one!

I know that I said six but I must mention three more. While only together a few times each year their words of comfort are like the gentle brush of an angel’s wing.

Faye: God sent her to me so that we could assist one another through our children’s collective addictions and mental illness. I can’t imagine these last twenty years without Faye, my ‘malakh’, which, loosely translated, is the Hebrew word for” an angel who toils”. She has worked hard bearing and sharing her own burdens which has lightened both of our loads.

Katelyn: At least twice a year Katelyn and I share a room while attending or presenting at workshops around the country. This year on Mother’s Day, she called to thank me for helping those that I have “birthed” into being who may not necessarily be my own children. Having just lost a daughter to addiction, her words soothed my heart. My angel, the one who sends poems and sings words of praise to those she loves ever reminding them of their worth.

Gayle: She moves in silently, like angels often do, tucking little words of encouragement into my ears through emails.

Thank you God for the angels who heard my cry, and the ones who tuck me into their bosom while I agonized over motherhood, ever reminding me that I birth and nurture others along the way. Oh Lord, thank you for the ones that help me roar with laughter at life’s absurdities and the ones who remind me to dance myself into a second chance. And a special thank you to the ones who love sparkles, bangles and all things pink, reminding me that vanity can rock among angels with or without wings.


Tell me about your wingless angels.

Could you imagine life without them?





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  1. susan eiland says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that God gave me Dawn to share joy, laughter, fear, tears and a friendship I will always treasure. It’s an honor to be her friend. I have never had anyone teach me “to do” friendships and relationships like her. She is present at all times and listens intently to everything I have to say. Not just with me, but to everyone she loves. She responds with wonderful wisdom and truths. She is my friend who I know will always my back…she can rest assured that I definitely have hers!!! There are no words to express how precious and important she is to me.


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