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Saving Your Family History

Graciously asked by womensmemoirs to write about saving my family history for a blog tour designed to promote the publication of my book,
Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe, I thought I would have a heart attack.

At first glance, I couldn’t think of any family stories worth saving. After writing this piece, I learned that I had several family stories worth saving. I was very moved by this assignment and I learned that beneath the bunker, amidst the mine fields, they are always family stories worth saving.


Angels of transformation

I am excited to share with you today’s guest, Jaia Lee – author of Living Beyond Belief.  What if we considered all of the people who come to us on our life journey, especially the difficult ones, as angels who in some way came to help us develop mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What if?


Speaking of Angels

I cannot recall my age when an angel began appearing to me. I named her j. Marie. In those days I named everything. Even the big, black, Dempsey Dumpsters who graciously allowed me to climb into their canavous bellies where I scrounged for any available morsels, those things still edible, having been carelessly tossed away by the grocery store, or at least that was my seven year old interpretation of how perfectly good food stuffs happened into the dumpsters .

My favorite dumpster, I named She She. She She hardly smelled at all, at least not as bad as the others. I imagined that she invited me inside her dwelling which is why she managed to always have old tires or wooden crates near for my seven year old bare feet to climb up high then sort of tumble into her. I pretended that it made her happy that I had noticed her and her abundant offerings. She She also offered refuge from the people I feared, of whom there were many. Which brings me back to j. Marie.


Wingless Angels: Six More

If the success of my life could be measured by these winglessangels who accompany me on my life’s journey, I would be considered the richest of the rich. Here are six more wingless angels that currently support and/or inspire me on a weekly or monthly bases, unless of course, one of us are off on an adventure.

I began this series on angels by talking about my beloved grandmother, affirming that the people with whom we bond as children become the internal working models that influence the formation of attachment in later relationships.