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Angels Without Wings (part II)

Rev. Judith Churchman       

In 1977, a gorgeous woman named Judith lived directly across the street from me. She was the mother of two boys, owned her own makeup company, loved sunrises and the Fort Lauderdale ocean beach smells as I did. In addition, we shared a deep and abiding love in the mysteries of god. Almost every morning, just before dawn for the following two years; we met with coffee and spiritual books in hand and drove the mile to the beach.


Healing Through Writing as featured on NAMW

On May 18, my mentor, Linda Joy Myers, featured my book  on her blog site as part of the National Association of Memoir Writers for her blog tour with WOW–Women on Writing. I have re-printed her post in its entirety.

We are happy to welcome Dawn Novotny to the National Association of Memoir Writers for her blog tour with WOW–Women on Writing! She is the author of Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing Up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe.

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I have known Dawn for several years and watched her develop from a tentative writer to a brave writer, and then an author. I’m very pleased to see her finished book and hold it in my hands. Congratulations Dawn on getting to this milestone in your life!


Blog Tour by Nationial Association of Memoir Writers

Blog Tour: Dawn Novotny and her book Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe


I’m so jazzed that I’m over at the National Association of Memoir Writers today to host my friend, former student and brave writer Dawn Novotny to celebrate her book Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe.  I was with her during the birth pangs of her stories, which at the time she had no intention of putting into a book–but now, she’s an author.


Angels Without Wings (part I)

Research has shown that the people with whom we bond as children become the internal working models that  influence the formation of attachment in later relationships. I believe this to be true about all our relationships. All of my life I have been blessed with friendships of remarkable women. I begin this blog series with the following four angels with skin. My earliest attachment was with my grandmother. For my first twelve years, we shared a bedroom so tiny that our knees touched as we shared secrets beneath her makeshift altar that supported the Jesus, Mary and Joseph statues. She began sharing her cigerattes with me when I turned twelve, which felt like a loving ritual that we shared. I loved her so much I thought I would die if anything happened to her. My childhood church told us that we all had a guardian angel. I was certain that my grandmother was my wingless angel.


My First Book Review


Celebration of Book Launch with WOW

WOW: Women On Writers

          Dawn’s kickoff blog tour Begins tomorrow if you would like to follow the reviews. If you would like to purchase the book, just click on the book in the side bar and it will take you stright to the publisher.


My Book Is Here, My Book is Here