You End Up As You Deserve




You end up as you deserve. In old age you must put up with the face, the health, and the children you have earned. Fay Weldon


The above quote is food for thought for the coming year.

You must constantly take inventory regarding the heartiness of your spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and health cache. For what you do is what you will be. It is up to you to pay attention to the following 5 area of your life.

Spiritual. Take five minutes each morning, light a candle, read something inspiring or reflective. Cite five things that you are grateful for. I promise you, this one action alone will change your life if done with consistency.

Mental. We are what we think. Ask yourself what portions of your thoughts are positive or negative. Do you focus on the problem or the solution?

Ask yourself the following question; given this situation or circumstance, what are my options? Brain-storm your options because there are always options.

Write down the most ridiculous alternatives to the most viable choices. Be at cause vs. effect in your life.

Everyday challenge your mind. Work a crossword puzzle, read a good book, play games, learn a new skill, anything to challenge your mind.

Social. Do you try and work out differences when problems arise with friends verses shunning them and moving on to new friends? Deep friendships can be hard work but striving for quality verses quantity is worth the effort in the long run.

                                    My friends are my estate. Emily Dickinson

On the other hand, it would behoove you to take stock of those friendships that drain you of your precious life energy. Ask yourself if, “Holding them up, is weighing you down?”

Personally, I am in for the long haul with friends and family who are going through a rough patch in their lives but if someone keeps doing the same thing over and over without making any changes or taking any responsibility for their choices then I am unwilling to be the release valve on their pressure cooker.

Health. Do you strive to eat better? Less sugar, less harmful fats, less coffee, choosing more greens and healthy foods for how we eat will eventually catch up with us as we age.

I personally hate exercise. So what? It is a non-negotiable area in my life. I strive for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week. Nothing, absolutely nothing in my body can be improved by inactivity. You must take as much responsibility as possible now for where your health ends up later.

Emotional. Copy the list of feelings below. Take five minutes at bedtime. 1) From the list select 5 feelings that you felt during the day and write them down. 2). Write a sentence or two about the strongest or most intense feeling you experienced during the day. 3). End by listing 2 things that you are grateful for.

This exercise will help you to know yourself better and facilitate your communication with family, friends and co-workers.

Remember, you end up where you deserve. So you must invest in yourself by incorporating a few simple habits into your daily schedule. Think of it as deposits in your future well-being bank account.

Emotions and Feelings

  • absorbed abusive accepting accommodating accomplished adaptable adversarial aggressive agreeable alert altruistican alytical angry annoyed antagonistic anxious approved of arrogant ashamed authentic
  • balanced beautiful belligerent bereft bitter bored brave broken down bullied
  • calm chaotic cheerful cold commanding compassionate competitive complaining conceited condemned confident conflicted confused conservative content controlled controlling cooperative courageous cowardly creative critical cruel curious defeated
  • deluded
  • demanding
  • dependent
  • depressed
  • desperate
  • destitute
  • destructive
  • detached
  • dignified
  • disconnected
  • discouraged
  • disgusted
  • dominated
  • dominating
  • eccentric
  • ecstatic
  • egocentric
  • egotistical
  • empathic
  • empowered
  • envious
  • erratic
  • excited
  • expressive
  • extroverted
  • fair
  • faithful
  • fearful
  • frightened
  • frustrated
  • glad
  • good
  • grateful
  • greedy
  • grieving
  • guilty
  • happy
  • harmonizing
  • hatred
  • helpful
  • helpless
  • hesitant
  • hopeless
  • idealistic
  • ignorant
  • impatient
  • important
  • impoverished
  • impulsive
  • indifferent
  • individualistic
  • inert
  • insecure
  • insensitive
  • inspired
  • in service
  • interested
  • intolerant
  • introspective
  • invulnerable
  • irresponsible
  • irritated
  • isolated
  • jealous
  • joyful
  • judged
  • judgmental
  • lazy
  • likable
  • lively
  • lonely
  • lost
  • loved
  • loving
  • mad
  • manipulated
  • manipulative
  • mediating
  • miserable
  • mistrusting
  • moody
  • moral
  • negative
  • noble
  • obsessed
  • open
  • panicked
  • paranoid
  • passionate
  • passive
  • peaceful
  • perfectionist
  • pitiful
  • pleased
  • poor
  • possessive
  • powerful
  • practical
  • preoccupied
  • procrastinating
  • proud
  • punished
  • punishing
  • purposeful
  • rage
  • reactionary
  • reclusive
  • rejected
  • rejoicing
  • repressed
  • resentful
  • resigned
  • resistant
  • responsible
  • ridiculous
  • righteous
  • ruthless
  • sad
  • sadistic
  • secretive
  • selfish
  • self-accepting
  • self-condemning
  • self-defeating
  • self-destructive
  • self-hatred
  • self-obsessed
  • self-pity
  • self-sabotaging
  • sensitive
  • serene
  • shamed
  • shut-down
  • shy
  • sorry
  • stable
  • stimulated
  • stricken
  • strung-out
  • stubborn
  • superior
  • tantrums
  • timid
  • tolerant
  • unconcerned
  • understanding
  • unforgiving
  • unhappy
  • unresponsive
  • untrusting
  • vain
  • vengeance
  • vicious
  • victimized
  • violent
  • visionary
  • well-meaning
  • wise
  • withdrawn
  • worthy


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  1. Dawn, Very helpful and simple hints for living. I plan on putting each one on my office wall and will use them as a plan everyday for the new year. I have found the more simple my life the sweeter it becomes. Happy New Year! Hugs Helen

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks. I think that I will do the same. I have to pay attention to all of those self-care things. Seems like I get some of them going then forget one or two like taking my vitimines.

      Be well, dawn

  2. Ron Kelley says:


    Thanks. Good ideas.


  3. we reap what we sow indeed
    Noch Noch

  4. Nina Cunningham says:

    Hi Dawn! I am excited to begin learning new ways in understanding myself and ways of changing things that have not quite worked out for me. Looks like an interesting way for me to begin. I have already incorporated the healthier eating habits and exercise, i do understand how the body and mind work together and when one little thing is missing in caring for myself it kind of messes with the “whole” healthy body and mind. I am grateful to you for introducing me to these new concepts. I look forward to a new understanding! Thanks!

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