Cancer: The Dream

“The soul among all creatures is generative like God is.” Meister Eckhart.

As my first chemotherapy treatment approached, I wondered how to incorporate the recommended visualization of “blowing up” the “evil” cancer cells. This particular image was almost as ominous as the thoughts of the treatment itself. I prayed for guidance which came in the form of a dream the evening before the first treatment. I used this picture because of the colors. Never in my life had I seen such exquisitely vivid multi colors.


She began her journey to the hospital as she climbed into the small car. She was startled to see hundreds of starfish-like creatures. They were friendly, cheerful and fun albeit noisy as they were all trying to communicate at once, each wanting her to know them. The woman felt overwhelming compassion for these odd, beautiful little creatures. They made her laugh. She beseeched the driver not to move the car until she could get the little ones to depart. They were everywhere. They were on the seats, under the seats, in the glove compartment, hanging on the doors both inside and outside of the car. They were even under the tires. They had not a clue of their impending danger. They would be smashed to bits if the driver moved the car. The woman felt deeply connected to these curious little creatures and intuitively knew that they meant no harm. They were simply and totally self-absorbed in the maintenance of their own life force.

When I awoke, I pondered the nature of cells and recalled reading somewhere that cells are the building blocks of the body. In fact there are some 50 trillion, give or take, a million here and there. Inherent in the life of a cell is an intricate process known as cell division. It is somewhere within the cycle of cell division that a cancer cell runs riot. The precise precipitation of a breast cancer cell (always present in the body) to proceed to both MUTATION and INVASION of neighboring cells remains a mystery to be solved by the medical/scientific profession. All possible heretofore explanations aside, we now have a cell with a behavioral problem. A cell that does not play well with others, in fact, mutating into a type of aggressive gang member mentality that rapidly MUTATES and CLONES itself into more gang members Their adventures eventually lead to invasion of neighboring turf.

Part of this “gang” mentality is to ignore all of the normal, agreed upon social rules that govern their old communities of cells. They totally disregard cooperation and how a “community” should be formed and maintained for the highest good of the entire system. They do not understand the impact of their choices on neighboring cells. Dr. Lewis Thomas says that, “Disease usually results from inconclusive negotiations for symbiosis, an overstepping of the line by one side or the other, a biologic misinterpretation of borders”.  The Lives of a Cell.

I was struck by the similarities of the invading cancer cells and some of the impulsive and often frantic nature of my parts when they reach their reactive and destructive states. Surprisingly, I felt compassion for myself and for the cancer cells.

At the hospital the next day, as the nurse prepared to administer the medication through the catheter-type device implanted in my chest, I visualized angels standing just to the right of me. They were holding large soft nets made of silk. I explained to the beautiful starfish like creatures that they were in great danger of being killed by incoming chemicals and they had to leave my body at once. I would mentally show them the way out of my body into the loving arms of awaiting angels.

Do you pay attention to your dreams?

Have you ever had a dream that helped you through a difficult situation?


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