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The Faces of Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga

Wake vortex. Courtesy of NASA Langley Research Center

Pondering the many aspects of being human, my mind turned to Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga. On the surface they have many similarities. Outrageous clothes, exploiting their sexuality and craving attention above all else. Lady Gaga did an interview with Anderson Cooper without wearing pants and Marilyn was sewn into the dress she wore when popping out of a cake singing happy birthday to President Kennedy. Both were passionate advocates for the underdog. Ardent students of their crafts, highly intelligent, brilliantly lively and scintillating conversationalists, yet each drew massive ridicule


Staying on Target

I once heard a spokesperson for NASA say they know that a missile is on target because 93% of the time (more or less) it is off target and requires constant correcting. I like comparing myself to a NASA missile; it helps me stay on target with minimal self-recrimination as I gently remind myself that I am off target AGAIN.

How do I get myself back on target?

By Self-correcting.

How do I do that?


Controlling Our Many Dimensions, Parts or Aspects

Do I contradict myself?

Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Walt Whitman

A therapist by profession, I am an unrepentant seeker by hobby and vocation. I long to understand myself, others, and life’s mysteries.

My soon to be self-published book, Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe speaks to the many faces that everyone wears either consciously or unconsciously. Just think about the expectations that abound depending on your birth as a male or female.